Japanese electrical plug

Japan power

When traveling to Japan from Australia you should know they use different electrical plugs. They have two straight vertical pins. Therefore, it pays to get yourself a universal adapter or at least a Japanese to Aussie adapter. …and don’t do what I did and buy a universal adapter that has everything but a Japanese plug?! […]

Train going past with movement shot

Japan Rail (JR) Pass

We have a 7-day economy JR pass, which after running our schedule through the JR calculator saves us a few bucks but mostly saves us on time. After purchasing, we received an Exchange Order in Australia. We treat this as our actual pass until we arrive in Japan, locate the nearest JR Exchange office and […]

Sim card purchase laid out

Ordering a Japanese sim card

To save a few dollars and have the internet while out and about, we opted to buy sim cards for our mobile phones while in Japan. The sim cards have unlimited data and can be used for 15 days once activated. Costing AUD $30 per card. This deal was found on Amazon Australia with the […]

Yen (JPY) laid out

Figuring out the Yen (JPY)

Converting the Australian Dollar (AUD) to the Japanese Yen (JPY) takes a bit to get use to. To help with the conversion rates I refer to this quick guide. Although it’s dependent on the rate at the time it gives a good enough idea to roughly navigate the cost of items and money we are […]

Lanterns with Japanese writing

Japanese the very basics

In the lead up to our trip, we have started to learn some very basic Japanese, keeping it to the most commonly used words and phrases. With the help of the ‘uTalk Go’ app, our list is continuously growing as we dedicate moments during the day to memorise and improve our pronunciation. So far our […]

Two geisha in a street

Japan the plan

The base of our trip starts with the five districts we will visit: Osaka – 1 x night – Universal Studios. Kyoto – 2 x nights – Bike tour and explore. Takayama – 2 x nights – Bike tour, Hida Minzoku Mura Folk Village and explore. Hakone – 2 x nights – Bike tour and […]