Mountain Bike Riding in Hakone

We awoke to see an overcast day threatening rain. A little disheartened by what this could mean for our scheduled bike ride, we moved downstairs for a glorious breakfast and prepared for the day ahead. 

Our guide Nori picked us up and suggested we do a mountain bike trail as it would be more fitting for the weather and he caught on quick that my son was an avid mountain bike rider. One look at my son’s face told me of his excitement. So off mountain bike riding, we went.

Nori was a funny, friendly guide who had lived in the Gold Coast for a short time and had named his company Hakone Mountain Ripper after the common Aussie saying ‘You ripper’.

The overcast weather made the ride spectacular, we had a misty fog over Lake Ashi and the forest we biked through was like something out of a fantasy adventure novel. 

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