Mountain Bike Riding in Hakone

We awoke to see an overcast day threatening rain. A little disheartened by what this could mean for our scheduled bike ride, we moved downstairs for a glorious breakfast and prepared for the day ahead.  Our guide Nori picked us up and suggested we do a mountain bike trail as it would be more fitting […]

Views of Hida-Furukawa

Biking Hida-Furukawa

After exploring Hida no Sato, it was off to our next bike ride adventure through Hida-Furukawa, about 14kms north of Takayama. Hida-Furukawa was a quaint sleepy village, the town centre featured charming cobblestone paths and buildings. As we navigated our way to Satoyama Experience—the organisers of the bike tour—we passed through alleyways filled with old-fashioned […]

A view of Kyoto while on our bike tour

Cycling Kyoto

Introducing ourselves to Kyoto took place with a booked bike tour. We went with Urban Adventures. Our bike tour departed from Kyoto Station with five Aussies and one Kiwi (that’s me).  First we ventured to the Kamo River which also gave us a taste of road and footpath etiquette. Some points to highlight, are:  In […]