Mt Fuji

Nervously we pried back the curtains, hoping not to see rain or clouds. To our delight, rays of light shone in like a pair of blue-sky eyes gazing back at us. Elation came over us; Hakone had turned on the sun.

Motivation immediately kicked in and we packed our bags and organised for them to meet us at Hakone-Yumoto Station, meaning we were free to explore without the burden of suitcases in tow.

We dressed and began to make plans to see Mt. Fuji.

First destination, Hakone Ropeway where we ventured up the peak on cable car gondolas. On our way up, we saw Mt. Fuji standing proud it was such an honour to see it in all its glory.

Jumping off the gondolas at Owakudani we were greeted with a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents. We wandered around the platform looking out at views that displayed a mining quarry with steam spurting out from the ground. We quickly set our eyes upon a Geo Museum for 100 yen, which provided incredible detail of the volcanic geothermal area, history and minerals in the area.

Heading back down the Ropeway we then jumped aboard the Hakone Pirate Ship and sailed over Lake Ashi on calm waters with peeking views of Mt Fuji. Moving through lake waters to finally reach the port of Hakone-machi, a small town on the other side where we found our treasure in a delicately handmade, beautiful wooden puzzle box.

We sailed back to Togendai and made our way on to Tokyo.

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