Views of Hida-Furukawa

Biking Hida-Furukawa

After exploring Hida no Sato, it was off to our next bike ride adventure through Hida-Furukawa, about 14kms north of Takayama. Hida-Furukawa was a quaint sleepy village, the town centre featured charming cobblestone paths and buildings. As we navigated our way to Satoyama Experience—the organisers of the bike tour—we passed through alleyways filled with old-fashioned […]

Hida no Sato (Hida Folk Village)

An open-air museum preserving and showcasing over 30 traditional houses from around the Hida region built during the Edo Period (1603 – 1867). As you enter the village museum the first thing you see is the lake with Koi fish and houses afar. When asking locals where and how to get to this open-air museum, […]

Kyoto to Takayama

Our train ride via Japan Rail (JR) from Kyoto to Takayama was one that opened our eyes to the countryside views of Japan. We travelled the JR Tokaido-Sanyo and JR Hida line which featured a changeover at Nagoya Station. Google map of train routes from Kyoto Station to Takayama Station