The Little Prince Museum in Hakone

We received a pleasant surprise when our bike tour guide Nori gave us tickets to visit the only museum in the world dedicated to the beloved book “The Little Prince”. Nori dropped us off. We zipped up our jackets, wound round our scarfs and locked our hands into our pockets ready to enter the cold air.

Upon entering the The Little Prince Museum, we realised that even though we were in Japan we were about to experience some of France. Carved out by paths and gorgeous European gardens with deep colours of greens, blues, purples and pinks, was a French townscape ready to explore.

We tried our hand at modelling in front of shops depicting French architecture that lined the cobblestone paths. It provided us a good laugh at ourselves. Moving inside, the museum celebrated the life of the author of ‘The Little Prince’, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

We finished our tour by treating our tastebuds to French pastry dessert and a warm cup of tea.

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