Mt Fuji

Nervously we pried back the curtains, hoping not to see rain or clouds. To our delight, rays of light shone in like a pair of blue-sky eyes gazing back at us. Elation came over us; Hakone had turned on the sun. Motivation immediately kicked in and we packed our bags and organised for them to […]

The Little Prince Museum in Hakone

We received a pleasant surprise when our bike tour guide Nori gave us tickets to visit the only museum in the world dedicated to the beloved book “The Little Prince”. Nori dropped us off. We zipped up our jackets, wound round our scarfs and locked our hands into our pockets ready to enter the cold […]

Mountain Bike Riding in Hakone

We awoke to see an overcast day threatening rain. A little disheartened by what this could mean for our scheduled bike ride, we moved downstairs for a glorious breakfast and prepared for the day ahead.  Our guide Nori picked us up and suggested we do a mountain bike trail as it would be more fitting […]

Shinanoki Ichinoyu, Hakone

Hakone Ichinoyu

Our bus wove up rich hilly landscapes covered in forest shrubbery with roads leading up and winding around heading towards our accommodation. We breathed in the air of Hakone and wondered what awaited us while figuring out where to stop the bus and how to pay. Once we were at our stop we crossed over […]