Shinanoki Ichinoyu, Hakone

Hakone Ichinoyu

Our bus wove up rich hilly landscapes covered in forest shrubbery with roads leading up and winding around heading towards our accommodation. We breathed in the air of Hakone and wondered what awaited us while figuring out where to stop the bus and how to pay. Once we were at our stop we crossed over […]

Exploring near our accommodation in Takayama

Staying at Pension Good Luck

The accommodation booked in Takayama was a 30-minute drive from the station. We first looked at catching a bus, however, realised that with the cost of two tickets and all the stops that would incur it was much more beneficial to catch a taxi. Pension Good Luck—the name of our Bed and Breakfast styled accommodation—turned […]

Katana, samurai remake at Kyoto accommodation

Kyoto House

— Kyoyadoya Oyado Ichi In Kyoto we booked a traditional house for 2 days ‘Kyoyadoya Oyado Ichi’, it was located in Nijo which is about a 7 minute train ride from Kyoto Station. We made our way to the house at about 7:30pm as we had spent the day at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. […]

Osaka at 11pm

Arriving in Osaka

Arriving late into Osaka (Japan) from Cairns (Australia) was an event that got us to our hotel at 11pm, lucky for us Japan exudes safety. We caught the limousine bus service from the Kansai Airport to OCAT and from there we  ventured out on a very brisk walk with suitcases in tow to Nisshin Namba […]

A photo of kitchen bench with artwork in shot

Wayfarer Port Douglas

Flying out from Cairns to Japan, before our departure we spent 3 nights in Port Douglas (1 hour north of Cairns), a spot we hold dear to our hearts. The Air BnB ‘Wayfarer’ was our place of sanctuary and it provided red-carpet treatment, embodied in a relaxing, refreshing atmosphere. Wayfarer, located in Port Douglas is […]