Kyoto to Takayama

Our train ride via Japan Rail (JR) from Kyoto to Takayama was one that opened our eyes to the countryside views of Japan. We travelled the JR Tokaido-Sanyo and JR Hida line which featured a changeover at Nagoya Station. Google map of train routes from Kyoto Station to Takayama Station

Nijojo (Nijo Castle)

On our last day in Kyoto we had a late checkout so we decided to setoff for Nijojo, a castle not far from our accommodation. We walked along the Nijo streets and took it all in. Finally, we arrived at a fortress surrounded by a moat. We still did not see anyway in, the moat […]

A view of Kyoto while on our bike tour

Cycling Kyoto

Introducing ourselves to Kyoto took place with a booked bike tour. We went with Urban Adventures. Our bike tour departed from Kyoto Station with five Aussies and one Kiwi (that’s me).  First we ventured to the Kamo River which also gave us a taste of road and footpath etiquette. Some points to highlight, are:  In […]