Views of Hida-Furukawa

Biking Hida-Furukawa

After exploring Hida no Sato, it was off to our next bike ride adventure through Hida-Furukawa, about 14kms north of Takayama.

Hida-Furukawa was a quaint sleepy village, the town centre featured charming cobblestone paths and buildings. As we navigated our way to Satoyama Experience—the organisers of the bike tour—we passed through alleyways filled with old-fashioned shops and delicatessens.

We found Satoyama Experience and were welcomed by local guides fluent in English. Our bike tour included four other travellers along with ‘Akiko’ our friendly guide. Akiko showed us bike safety and we took off to see the wonderful sights of Hida-Furukawa.

Biking through the town centre was easy to manoeuvre as there was barely any traffic and as we headed out of town we started to see the natural landscape emerge around us. The smell of fresh country air on a brisk spring day engulfed our senses and when we looked around we saw blue skies and farmlands surrounded by mountains—many snow-capped.

First stop was a water-drawing spot where we filled up our water bottles with pure clear water from the mountains. We continued on biking alongside rivers, rice paddies, mountainous areas and through residential areas showing of history and traditional housing.

We visited a local farmers market and saw some of the produce that is grown in the area or nearby regions. All-the-while Akiko commented on what you could expect if you lived here, these insights provided snippets of local knowledge that would usually go unnoticed.

I really enjoyed taking in the area by bike ride with the weather and season highlighting its beauty.

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