Japanese electrical plug

Japan power

When traveling to Japan from Australia you should know they use different electrical plugs. They have two straight vertical pins. Therefore, it pays to get yourself a universal adapter or at least a Japanese to Aussie adapter.

…and don’t do what I did and buy a universal adapter that has everything but a Japanese plug?!

In Japan, the power plugs and sockets have a standard voltage of 100 V and the standard frequency is 50 / 60 Hz. In Australia it is 230 V, so you may need a voltage converter.

Check your appliance plugs and device chargers to see if they are rated for dual voltages. For example, the charger on my phone, reads “Input: 100-240V…”. If your appliances do not support both, than you will need a voltage converter.

You might like to also have a power bank handy to charge devices quickly and on the go.

The blue universal adapter in the middle of the image does not actually have a Japanese electrical plug. Doh!
Appliance/DeviceDual Votage
360 CameraYes
Hair straightnerNo

Going through my own list, it appears while most computer gadget devices have dual, the personal care appliances tend not to.

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