Osaka at 11pm

Arriving in Osaka

Arriving late into Osaka (Japan) from Cairns (Australia) was an event that got us to our hotel at 11pm, lucky for us Japan exudes safety. We caught the limousine bus service from the Kansai Airport to OCAT and from there we  ventured out on a very brisk walk with suitcases in tow to Nisshin Namba Inn. 

Nisshin Namba Inn exceeded expectations, the room was bigger than we thought with a small kitchenette, private bathroom, twin beds, a desk with chair and room to move. It was perfect for a late arrival with check-in times available all the way up until 12 midnight. The heater was also on at arrival and provided us with some much needed warmth after our 15 minute walk through cold unknown streets. 

Complimentary breakfast of pastries, toast, yogurt, juice, coffee and tea was provided by surprise. Note, it seems Japan’s milk is in short supply or people just don’t have a like for it as they do in Australia, therefore, coffee was supplemented with the tiniest pods of milk/cream I have ever seen (thicker than milk, I was’t quite sure if the pods were filled with milk or cream).

After our one night stay staff were very helpful and rang our next accommodation in Kyoto on our behalf to announce the time we would arrive. Our accommodation in Kyoto was a house where the hosts only meet at the announced time of arrival. 

Before heading to Kyoto we were off to Universal Studio Japan (USJ). We chucked ourselves straight into the train saga and somehow managed our way to USJ.

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